The Power of a Premium Domain Name

The Power Of A Premium Domain Name

There are over 1.83 billion websites on the Internet in 2021

What’s In A (Domain) Name?

  • Domain Definition: The internet address of a website

  • Premium Definition: A short, catchy, or easy to remember website address

    • The human-friendly IP address

    • There are two major sections:


      • www = subdomain

      • sbaloan = (Second level domain / 2LD)

      • .com = (top level domain / TLD)

  • A Short History Of The Online Domain

    • March 15, 1985: The first domain name was registered —

    • September 18, 1998: ICANN founded to manage critical names and numbers for DNS

    • October 11, 2014: New applicant guides for gTLDs were written by ICANN

    • Jun 18, 2019: sold in cash at $30 million

  • Domains Are Growing Fast

    • In Q1 2021, more than 363.5 million new domain names were registered

    • Domains are growing rapidly

      • 4.2% increase year over year

      • 52.3% of registered domains end with .com

      • There are over 1,246 generic TLDs available in 2021

    • As more websites are created, it gets harder to snag a premium domain

Premium domain names can provide businesses with thousands of new leads, purchases, and growth opportunities

The Value Of A Premium Domain

  • How Domain Names Impact Businesses

    • Businesses often fight to get access to their domain names

      • In 2016, Elon Musk purchased for $11 million

      • In 2017, sold for $872 million

      • In 2018, Erik Bergman spent $900,000 on

    • Premium domain names capture incoming keyword searches

      • 71% of buyers begin with unbranded searches

      • 75% of searchers never scroll past page one results

      • 92% of all Google searches were organic in Q1 2020

    • Better domain names get better traffic

      • The 1st position on any search has a 34% click-through rate

      • .com sites have the highest traffic in the world

      • Top domains have 6.1 to 8 letters in the site’s name

  • Premium Domain Names Make It Easy To Scale Your Business

  • Digital solutions for business owners and startups

  • Source better leads and traffic

  • Associate your brand with stronger keywords

    • Use phone numbers to drive leads

    • Capture interested audiences

    • Rank higher on search engines

  • Add trust and credibility to your brand

  • Focus on business growth rather than maintenance

  • Vanity Business Phone Numbers Go Hand-In-Hand

Vanity numbers can be paired with domain names for maximum effect

  • Vanity Phone Number: Business phone numbers that contain meaningful words or phrases.

    • 1-800-Flowers

    • 313-DETROIT

    • 1-800-Taxicab 

  • Like domain names, vanity numbers improve calls and customer memory

    • 72% of customers recall vanity numbers in advertisements

    • 58% of customers prefer a vanity number over a numerical one

    • 33% of ads with vanity numbers outperform numericals

    • 18.14% of customers choose a business simply for its vanity number

Premium domain names are everywhere, but picking the best one takes time

How To Secure A Strong Domain Name

  • Top Providers Of Domain Registration

    • GoDaddy: World’s biggest website host

      • 58,695,190 registered domains

      • 16% market share

    • Tucows: Second-largest domain registrar

      • 9,658,848 registered domains

      • 5.36% market share

    • eNom: Reselling and hosting platform

      • 5,859,517 registered domains

      • 3.6% market share

    • NameCheap: US based budget domain provider

      • 7,120,365 registered domains

      • 2.98% market share

    • 1&1 IONOS: German-based web host and domain registrar

      • 4,904,509 registered domains

      • 1.6% market share

  • What’s The Best Name For Your Business?

    • Start by choosing a relevant name

      • Avoid weird words or spellings

    • Consider names without hyphens

      • Google rankings are impacted by multiple inclusions

    • Originality is a risk, but rewarding

      • Consider names like Yahoo, Google, and Häagen-Dazs 

    • Make it easy to type for mobile users

      • 48.2% of online traffic comes from phones

    • Research close alternatives

      • Look for originality for better search results

  • Buy A Domain That’s Already Taken

    • Research the domain

      • A website with regular updates probably isn’t for up for grabs

      • Use to find identify the owner and domain registration

      • Browse to find price points for similar domain names

    • Determine the value

      • Many factors contribute to the value of a premium domain

        • Keywords: Domains that include popular keywords will rank higher in search results

        • Generic Value: Domains that can serve almost any business in an industry have greater value

        • Brandability: Short and memorable names with easy spelling offer more marketing potential

        • Age: Older domains are usually considered more valuable

        • Length: Shorter domains are more valuable — landing brief domain name will cost you a lot

    • Negotiate a deal

      • Make an offer to the current domain owner

      • Determine which region’s laws will apply to the sale

      • Use an escrow service or an aftermarket service like GoDaddy

“There is no alternative to any premium domain. Other TLDs and similar names are not an option for those who have a great vision for their brand.” — Anuj Jasani, Domain Investor & Entrepreneur

  • In the US, the market for small business loans is over $186 billion

    • 43% of small businesses applied for a loan in the last year

Choose success. Choose growth. Choose a premium domain name.

  • Contact to purchase and associated phone numbers

    • 212 NYC, NY

    • 213 Los Angeles, CA

    • 224, Chicago, IL

    • 239 Fort Myers, FL

    • 267 Philadelphia, PA

    • 413 Springfield, MA

    • 434 Charlottesville, VA

    • 541 Eugene, OR

    • 606 Ashland, KY

    • 716 Buffalo, NY

    • 802 Burlington, VT

    • 816 Kansas City, MO

    • 925 Concord, CA


Premium domain names can have a huge impact and advantage online.  This, coupled with associated phone numbers is a key differentiator for your business.  Learn more about premium domain names and sales information for in the infographic below. View our list of the top 25 lenders.

925 - Concord, Ca
541 - Eugene, Or
213 - Los Angeles
816 - Kansas City, Mo
224 - Chicago
802 - Burlington, Vt
716 - Buffalo, Ny
267 - Philadelphia, Pa
413 - Springfield, Ma
434 - Charlottesville, Va
606 - Ashland, Ky
239 - Fort Myers, Fl
212 - New York City
267 - Philadelphia, Pa
267 - Philadelphia, Pa
267 - Philadelphia, Pa